{WW} : Backyard Pogo Stick Jumping

We found a new fun way of aerating the lawn. What started out more as a confidence builder,
and the myth you can't get as hurt falling on the soft grass, turned in to looking out the
 window and seeing to two heads bopping around the yard for hours. I use to spend my
 summers pogo sticking and wondering if I had what it took to break the Guinness Book of World Record
 for continuous jumps on a pogo stick but 177,737 hops in 20 hours and 20 minutes is
probably a little too long for me and a bit crazy too.

Zen is totally rocking his new helmet, we finally found one that was big enough for his head,
 he grew out of his others and even a women's small was well too small. The Krash Helmets 

                                                     by Raskullz Child 

are so cool, fun and really encourage       
 at least my kiddo to wear his. 


Happy Wordless(ish) Wednesday Everyone!


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  1. Love the facial expressions heheh!

  2. Looks like they are having a blast. Love the helmet!
    Would love for you to stop by and share

  3. I love that helmet!


  4. Sadly, pogo sticking is something I've never been able to do. Awesome that your kids are able to do it ~ great exercise too :)

    Happy WW!

  5. Love the pictures!! My son wants that helmet with spikes so cute :)

  6. Dang, I need to borrow them for an afternoon- could really use some aeration, ha! Love the expressions you captured!!

  7. Those are amazing pictures!! I love the shot of just her shoes and the bottom of the pogo stick. Those colors just POP and the perspective is very unique. Great shots!

    1. Thanks Annie! I had fun keeping up with them and just trying to focus the camera before they hopped out of the frame.

  8. There's a blast from the past. Thanks for linking up.


  9. I agree with Stacy...stinking cute!

  10. Great pics. My oldest three always liked jumping on the pogo's when they were younger too. : )

  11. Pogo sticks are really hard to maneuver. Good for them!

  12. These are some awesome Shots, looks all like much fun...
    If you have not done so yet, we would love to have you come and share via our WWHop: http://www.craftyspices.com/hops/wwhop/118-wwhop11
    Happy Wordless Wednesday!

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