{SH} Sundays #18

I have officially glued my fingers together and have no finger prints left, but the kiddos have 
some really awesome Halloween costumes to show for it! I even have one too but it will all 
have to wait until Wednesday's post for pix of our candy collecting fun!!!!


This beautiful artwork was done by Little Eco (age 6), think she was hinting about a Christmas present.


I had to snapped a photo of this car for my parents, it was made the same year they were born!

Signs or Logos

What kind of Mom do they think I am, sneaking around and eating their fluff.


We had fun trying on eye glasses, thought I might need some but instead they just made my dizzy.

Rocks or Stones

Collecting and painting rocks is one of our favorite crafts.

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and then, she {snapped}


  1. Love the sparkly glasses and stones. So sweet to put hearts on them! :)

  2. What a great set, love your machine shot, and the sign made me smile!!

  3. What a wonderful set.
    My favorites: Signs/Logos - That's priceless!
    Rocks or Stones - That's precious
    Sparkle - That's silly and adorable.

    Oh by the way I was born just a year after your parents. Got a chuckle out of your taking a picture of the cars license plate.

  4. Wow, that car shot is incredible. And the logo one with the sign on it is GREAT. I would totally be stealing that Fluff.... Especially as hot chocolate season is fast approaching! :)

  5. Love the painted rocks, very cute. Great photos! That fluff sounds good especially in a good hot cup of cocoa.
    Happy Sunday!

  6. They must really love fluff if everyone has a tub! Enjoy Halloween!

  7. These are all so sweet and I love how they revolve around your kids. Wonderful collection. :)

  8. I love all the photos that include something about your kids and you captured a terrific shot of that great old car for your folks.

    Thanks for sharing with YSB this week.

  9. That sign cracks me up! How cute! Great set this week.

  10. These are all great - love the 'hint' artwork and the sign - too precious (honestly, why do kids always assume it's the mom!!).

  11. Oh my...I burst out laughing at your photo of the Fluff! How funny and incredibly cute.

  12. What a fun set - can't pick a favorite.....they are all great!

  13. Haha! "Sign" made me laugh out loud. Stay out, Mom! And they certainly don't make "machines" like they used to, do they?

  14. Such a great set - fun 'slice of life' you let us into!

  15. I just had to laugh at the no finger prints line! Im sure at some point most can relate ;)

  16. Love the glasses...very cute!! But the sign with don't eat my fluff...hilarious. Kids♥

  17. visiting late... LOVE the the coloring of toms!! and the rocks... too cute! ;)

  18. Darling photos Kate! I'm in love with those sweet painted rocks! Going to have to steal that idea...thanks for linking up this week! Rebecca


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