Monday's Behind My Lens #3

(a tire swing was used to frame this shot)

Welcome to my weekly photo tip post:

One of my favorite things to do is frame my subject, I try to
 find something that adds an extra element to the photography
 and helps to tell the story but most of all I want my result
to have created an interesting and pleasing photo.

Try using simple everyday food items like a pretzel.

railings and fences are a great way to add dimension to a photograph.

Anything that has a circular shape will work.

Triangles and squares can also frame the subject and create interest.

Not all subjects are people and framing helps to convey that.

Using light can be a fun way to isolate and frame the subject .

Next time you grab your camera or iphone get creative and look
 around for something to point your lens through and shot that
 can turn an ordinary photograph into something extraordinary.

(images taken using iphone4 and Canon Mark2)

and then, she {snapped}


  1. Love these tips. Very creative ways to use framing :)

  2. Love your framing shots! I am doing a class this week, where framing is one of the asignments, so these came very handy for me. Thank you for the ideas. :)

  3. great tip! and lots of beautiful shots!

  4. The Pretzel shot is epic!


  5. These are all just FAB and inspires me to FRAME more often! LOVE the photo of reading in bed...LOVE IT!!

  6. I adore these shots! I found you through a linky party and am now following your blog because I want to learn more about photography. I have a Canon T2i DSLR that I keep meaning to really study but find myself using the auto features more than I'd like. I hope you'll stop by my blog and see what you think:


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