Monday's Behind My Lens #4

I love motion, well capturing motion in photographs using slow shutter speeds that is.
Just don't put me on another merry-go-round any time soon.

(above photo: shutters speed set at 1/25 ..... with mommy photog getting really dizzy)

Motion can be captured in a number of ways my favorite is with a slow shutter speed,
panning with your moving subject or hopping on board along side your moving subject.

I first set the camera on shutter priority ( it's tv mode if you use Canon like me) and my
favorite low shutter speeds: 1/25, 1/30, 1/40, and 1/60 of a second depending on the speed of
the subject it can easily go all the way up to as much as 1/125 or as low as your comfortable with.

(above photo: 1/30  shutter speed panning the camera with the subject)

(above photo: 1/25 shutter speed holding the camera still)

Another way I capture motion is to create it myself, still using one of the slow shutters I rotate my camera and include a flash to stop motion my subject, you can also do this when panning your subject.

(above photo: 1/10 shutter speed with camera rotation and off camera flash)

( above photo 1/40 shutter speed with panning and on camera flash, note shutter was set on rear curtain shutter mode)

(above photo:  1/125 shutter speed with on camera flash)

The above photo of my daughter hula hooping and taken using our point and shoot camera
the shutter speed was around 1/40 of a second, as long as you have shutter control you can
 use this technique and have fun!.

I have included the Behind My Lens series in my menu bar if you care to browse my other Monday's BML photography posts.

and then, she {snapped}


  1. I love your merry go round photo - very cool!

  2. Wowza...these are amazing! I still have a bit of trouble with the whole motion/focus thing. :)

  3. Wow...those are great. I couldn't imagine trying to get that shot on a merry go round. I feel dizzy looking at it!

  4. These are great. I'll have to give this a try next time my daughter has her hoola hoop out!

  5. these motion photos are great!!! I have to try to take some like that , but need lots of practice before :)))


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