{WW}: Coast Guard in Training

Recently the kiddos had a chance to learn some survival techniques if they were ever to find themselves
stranded in the middle of the ocean or on a sinking ship (lets hope neither senario ever pans out), but most of all they spent
time hanging out with some heros in uniform , our U.S. Coast Guard members, did I mention brave and not just
because they spent 2 hours with my kids, and being tied up but they 
truly are an awesome group of men who risk their lives everyday to protect our shores.

Let's hope they use this training for good and not evil.


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  1. Ha! Isn't that every mom's hope? Happy WW!

  2. I love these photos! They're all so cute!

  3. Thanks for Linking up! Enjoyed your WW photos. Been looking around your blog and I'm diggin' it!

  4. LOVE the water shot. And you kids' eyes are stunners!

  5. your pictures are fabulous. everyone.

  6. looks like they'll survive and look adorable doing it :) thanks for linking up! http://peekababyny.com/newyork/post-1733/

  7. Awesome pictures! I love the one with the rope "mask". Found you through the Create With Joy Wordless Wednesday Hop. Would love a follow back!


  8. Looks like fun! I love the picture of the water, so pretty!

  9. These are great pics! I'm sure they'll use the knowledge for good... :)

  10. very cool!!!!


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