{WW} : Back to School Marshmallow Roast

The rains came, the winds blew and we stayed safe in our home until the storm passed.

What do you do with hundreds of branches scattered about? Use them to roast marshmallows to
welcome in the first full day of school of course!

We filled up on all the ooey gooey yummy sugar we could before hitting the books.
It was so hot outside that the chocolate melted before we even finished roasting the first marshmallow.
September in Alabama is nothing but a hot mess, between the hurricanes, humidity, heat and rain
I'd rather be anywhere else right now.

And this month officially begins our season of celebration, 3 birthdays in three weeks and we're going
to go big this year with 3 separate parties. That's a first so look out for endless posts about
 all the cake and craziness, two of the parties will be sleepovers!

On a even happier note I'm finally blogging from our new place, it only took them
6 weeks to hook up the internet or was it longer, it sure felt like it.

I spent a while cleaning up all the stickiness and tending to my own tummy ache.


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  1. Loving the roast before the start of school! Such beautiful photos. And good luck with the 3 birthdays in three weeks. Can't wait to see the pics of that! ;)

  2. What a wonderful way to celebrate! It looks like a yummy time.


  3. What a great way to celebrate back to school!

  4. Man, can you adopt me? Love the mushroom chairs!

  5. Awww. Cute photos! We did this Saturday night. :)

  6. How cute - the mushroom stools are adorable!

  7. Never thought of adding M&M's to the marshmellows. Interesting thing...I went to a wedding this weekend and roasted marshmellows for the first time since I was in girl scouts. I guess it was just that perfect kinda weekend for gooshy yummy goodies.

  8. Great pictures! It has been far too long since I've roasted a marshmellow!

  9. Yum! What a great idea. Love the water and the hands-shot as well.

  10. Smores are my favorite, what a fun idea! I love the different smores making options with the M&Ms.

  11. These are great pictures, the last being my absolute favorite. And those little toad stool are really cute!


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