{SH} Sundays #14

It's a hard week for me emotionally but I am comforted in the
 fact that I can express myself 
through images and share them with you.


The day is finally here, I won't be seeing my photos framed inside these yellow boxes anymore, 
 along with so many of our talented reporters and photographers.
 I'll miss seeing their faces and bylines and most off all chance to touch and connect to
 the community and impact lives everyday.

Getting Ready

So now I'm getting ready to transition from my life as a full time photojournalist to

 photographer of some sort, not sure what to label or not label myself yet, 
I'll dabble in family, lifestyle, newborn photography until I find my new niche.


Must try and look on the brighter side of things more or if not at least take in a few more sunsets.

Teeny Tiny

We marked International Day of Peace by scattering tiny colorful rocks all around town.


Best way to reconnect is to tie each other together for a three-legged race.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday


  1. Stunning pictures. I really love them

    Herding Cats

  2. great group of pixs - but I really like all those yellow paperstands.

  3. Love that bright shot! Hope you're doing okay!

  4. Your shots are beautiful! I love "Connections" and "Bright". I hope your week gets better.

  5. These are great this week. The newborn shot is Precious! I def think you found your niche with babies. Connections is my favorite it looks fun.

  6. Beautiful shots. Sorry you won't be doing the newspaper shots anymore. YOur newborn shot is gorgeous.

  7. It sounds like you are going through a career transition and those are always tough, but from your pics I'd say that you should do well at whatever type photography you try. Good luck and best wishes.

  8. I think any transition is tough but you are an amazing photographer (as you have shown in all of these images) and you will find happiness & success in this new path in your life.

  9. Such creative compositions - I like all your interpretations. The teensy painted stone is my favorite - it seems to tell a story. Good luck to you!

  10. Teeny tiny is very appealing and I love that newborn shot.

  11. Great set. The bright shot was beautiful!! As one door closes another opens. Rejoice in the fact that you get a chance to start fresh!!! Good luck. I look forward to hear how you do.

  12. Good set.
    I found Yellow to be very interesting and unique.
    Bright was beautiful.
    Teeny Tiny is my favorite and what a fun idea to do.

  13. Your pictures are beautiful! As sad as it is to end one phase of your life, it looks like you've got some wonderful plans for the next phase. Good luck with your new endeavors!

  14. fabulous pictures... esp. love the yellow... how funny to see so many of those in one room, eh? ;) but the tiny rocks... what a brilliant idea!! =) love it! blessings to you on your new chapter of life! =)

  15. Great set, and how fun to spread around peace rocks. Oh, and did I mention the incredible silhouette shot on 'bright'.


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