{SH} Sundays #13

A lot of camera phone pix this week, but I'm happy to say my ribs are on the mend,
still a lot of daily pain and I'm on day 11 sleeping in an upright position so
let's hope it doesn't drive me to the brink of insanity.

The Bokeh proved to be more difficult them I imagined but after some trial and
error and some silliness there was success, we made hearts!
 It's good to stretch the levels of creativity and try something new.


We love our Saturday trip to the coffee house and hanging out with friends, Zen grabbed
some reading glasses and entertained them by making silly faces. 
(thank goodness they were already cracked before my kids got a hold of them).


Stream found the perfect hole in the fencing at the playground, we manage to visit yet another one this week.


The first sign of fall, a yellow leaf fallen from the big tree over looking our backyard.

 Ordinary Color

I wish my lips were ordinarily this color and shape.
 I thought you might like to see how I managed to get my bokeh hearts, remember
 this prop from this previous post it worked perfectly!


This proved to be a bit more difficult than I thought , but mission accomplished.

(click for bokeh tutorial here)

Scavenger Hunt Sunday



  1. totally mission accomplished and with aplomb! I shall make a heart bokeh thingy one day, one day!! Great too that these are all phone photos too.
    Get well soon - sore ribs is no laughing matter (literally) x

  2. Love the fence shot! Custom bokeh is fun, I haven't done it in a while, need to try different shapes. Sure hope your feeling better and can sleep well soon, having a sleep disorder I understand your frustration!

  3. Fantastic picture. I really love your fallen photo.

    Herding Cats

  4. Beautiful photos! My favorite is bokeh photo

  5. Very clever way to get the bokeh shape. Love the lips.

  6. Great set!! Hope you continue to be on the mend!!

  7. Your Bokeh photo was worth the effort....love it! I hope your are all healed soon.

  8. Your bokeh turned out wonderfully!


  9. your bokeh is great! cracked is my favorite. nice shots!

  10. The lighting in you bokeh is beautiful love the hearts. The lips are pretty cool!

  11. You blew me away - I love this entire collection!

  12. Great pics, I love your "fence" and "fallen" especially.

  13. Great set and such a fun way to get the shaped bokeh.

  14. Your photos really are amazing. You are so good with that camera.. I love them all..

  15. love love the how to get bokeh shot... ok... maybe I'll try it...
    I don't like change! ha ha! ;) they are all fun shots...
    but my fav is the first!!

    I don't know why your ribs are on the mend (must snoop at old posts?)..
    but I feel your pain with the whole sleep thing!! I sprained a shoulder
    a month ago... not sleeping properly is driving me batty!!!
    (that is my sleeping side b/c the other side has issues)

  16. your bokeh turned out great! Thanks for linking up with Love Bug's Photo Show Off! I have a bokeh tutorial on my blog if you'd like to check it out! Here you go!

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