{SH} Sundays #12

The kiddos were talking last night about what it was like a hundred years ago 
and how they's love to live to be 100 years old,  as I listened it reminded me of how fast life changes
 and no matter how tough things get that we need to take in all those tiny moments
and appreciate our time we have together and that we are never guaranteed a 100 years of tomorrows
only today.


The older girls are at an age where getting a kiss from your brother is well gross, 
but he keeps trying and they keep pushing him away, it's kind of cute to watch.


This is the point where Zen realized he has no idea how to use the monkey bars.

and we all know the world is tilted at a 23.439 degree angle right? It's especially noticeably on days when the photographer is blinded by the sun.


This is my very first pumpkin pie! 
It was made special just for Luna who asks daily for me to bake her something with pumpkin and now I understand why they make pumpkin pie scented candles, who would want to walk into a house that smells delicious! 
I'm ready for Fall to begin! 


One of my favorite thing to do as a kid was swing, I'd spend hours out back on the swingset daydreaming.
My kids are lucky enough enjoy it watching the sunset over the bay.


I'm lovin' the weathered bark of a tree that grows in the sand along the bay,  I wonder just how many hurricanes it has endured.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday



  1. Fragrant, simple and plant are my favourites and most I like the simple photo !!!!

    Have a nice Sunday !

  2. Your photos are always so beautiful - I love that SIMPLE shot most!

  3. Wonderful group - especially like the ones with the kids and your journaling.

  4. This entire set is fantastic - love the silhouettes. Beautiful!

  5. You sure are good with that camera. I LOVE all your photos.

  6. these are brilliant - love them. you have it good with your fabulous subjects and that beach :)

  7. Great shots. I love simple. It's perfect!

  8. Wow these are beautiful! I love all the silhouette photos with the stunning sunset in the background.

  9. these are all great! your kiss is my favorite!

  10. Fabulous set. They are all wonderful. My favorites: Askew, I liked both of those shots very much and your Simple shot - What a gorgeous way to swing right into a glorious sunset.

  11. Your silhouettes are wonderful! Love the monkey bars too. Gorgeous light!

  12. Love your photo set~ especially the Kiss :)

  13. Oh wow...totally swooning over your "simple" shot!!!!!!

  14. Love your photos especially the kid's shots.

  15. I fell in love with your simple shot!!!

    Hi! Heather here your newest follower via scavenger. Lookin forward to reading more of your blog in the future!!


  16. You always have such beautiful photos! LOve the pumpking pie shot. The girls and the setting sun are just spectacular


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