Quarterly Top 5 Photos

There's wasn't an easy way to pick my Top 5 Photos from July, August & September. So I chose
 which ones stood out in my mind the most, I probably have over a dozen other photos that are 
my favorites of each of the kiddos we had a great summer, but the ones below are what I remember
 the most from our adventurestaken with both my iphone and my "big" camera.

 It's all about capturing the moment for me.

Favorite top 5:
(in no particular order)

 fresh flowers, sunset and hair that's sums it up pretty well.

We managed to catch a few extra sunsets on the bay and boy are they beautiful!

We might not be Olympians in the pool but they're a lot farther from drowning.

Learning to read was a big goal for Zen before the start of the new school year.

It might actually be possible to spend too much time on the playground.
 (I get dizzy all over again just looking at this)

I'm so tempted to add a few more but I'm working on following the rules lately, want to see more? Your welcome to stay and browse our previous posts.


The Paper Mama Photo Challenge



  1. These are incredible!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE that black & white. It's STUNNING!!!!

  2. I love the reading shot with the book light. Brings me back to my childhood!!

  3. Love all of theses! how sick did you feel on the spinning thing though!!

    1. Almost lost lunch, I will probably never go back on a merry-go-round again :O)

  4. okay now - these are all so seriously awesome! Did you really stand on that spinning wheel with the kiddos? I would have fainted!

  5. These are all pretty awesome - your view of the world is just incredible. Love it!

  6. they are awesome. love the reading in the dark shot! outstanding!

  7. Oh my goodness!! I love them all especially the first two and the last one.

  8. Gorgeous! I love the 1st and the 3rd ones.

  9. These are all wonderful! I love the second, but my favorite is the spinning merry-go-round. Love the motion you've captured!

  10. I just love these images! That first one is a great action shot! That second one is a gorgeous silhouette! The middle one may just be my favorite and I love your black and white conversion! The spot lighting in that fourth shot is perfect and the noise in the picture works well! And that last shot is just amazing! Love their expressions! I'm getting dizzy too just looking at it!


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