{PF}: Little Blue Fish

   I was in the middle of teaching an intro to photography class this morning when there was a knock,  
upon opening the door I found this..... the cutest little fish this side of Dixie. 

Everyone let out a laugh and picked up their cameras, nothing like an impromptu photo shoot for the first day of class.

Oh how I love this little girl! She brings so much sunshine into our lives everyday.

To see more of what this little fish has been up to click here.

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  1. I love the fact that the whole calss you were teaching reached for their camera's. I can just imagine that scene to be honest.


    1. Lucky it was wasn't more than a small group of 5 students or it might have scared our little fish away or on second thought maybe not she loved every minute of the attention :O)

  2. Really beautiful pictures !

    Grace @ http://gracefulwolf.blogspot.com

  3. what a beautiful fish!!! gold fish, I would say :)

  4. your blog is so very pretty and your pictures are stunning! so very happy to have stopped by tonight! have a beautiful weekend!!

  5. I love the angles and the lighting is great. Very nice photos.


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