Monday's Behind My Lens #2

The thing I love most about having a career in the arts is that there is always something new to learn.
I've spent the last 16 years in a newsroom far away from the world of Photoshop actions and photo manipulation.
We captured life in it's purest getting creative with angles, composition and light when ever possible. 

I love that now I have the opportunity to explore so many avenues in photography that I never knew existed.
 The world of blogging has allowed me to connect and find other photographers who
inspire me to continue to want to pick up my camera and discover.

This week I ventured out of my comfort zone and tried adding some
 custom heart bokeh into my photos.
It looked so simple in the tutorials, I should know better and trying to do it in
 five minutes was ridiculous.
It spent that long just looking for a lens cap, which I apparently don't own,
so I tried making it with a a filter and black construction paper with a heart shape cutout. 

I wouldn't say it failed but initially I just couldn't get it to work the way it was
suppose to but in the end I definitely had
hearts in my photos, not as creative or perfect as I would have liked.

It solidifies that I don't know everything about photography and how wonderful is that!
 It keeps me on my toes and never bored, something new will always be on the horizon.

bokeh made using a filter covered with a black heart cutout: lens set at 50mm f/2.8

camera setting failure

So I opted to take off my black custom bokeh filter and grab a photo prop we used for our Christmas card,  the red lips on a stick worked the best but it did give a slight reddish cast over the image, if they were black lips I'm sure it would work perfectly.

Canon 28-70mm , lens set at 50mm f/2.8

Finally got Stream into a better position with the light and used red the red lips over my lens, not all the bokeh are perfect hearts but it's still a good first effort, I'm happy.

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  1. This technique is so cool. I'm intrigued and anxious to experiment :)

  2. Very creative approach and actually like all of them ~ the last one is my favorite ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  3. this is very nifty...never heard of it, will give it a whirl! thanx for the inspiration!

  4. These are all amazing! Even the "fail" is stunning and so cool!!

  5. It is so fun learning new techniques. The end result is fantastic. Happy Autumn to you!!

  6. Very cool and creative shots! Love that bokeh!

  7. Cool, never thought to try this! Love your work, it's so professional! I wish I could capture my friends & family the way you do yours! :) Danica Martin

  8. This is awesome,i have never heard of this before! I just googled Bokeh Filters! I am off to go create some of my own and give them a shot!! Glad I started following your blog, your photo tips have been very helpful!


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