{WW}: Summertime Fun

We've had quite a week in between visiting family and friends we even found 
time to enjoy the some simple fun like riding bikes, jump on trampolines 
and playing at the park. There was even some lazy summer days at the farm, the kiddos really 
enjoyed gathering up goodies for dinner. Two of my high school friends have quite the green 
thumbs and grow some of the best tomatoes, potatoes and carrots we've ever had! 
But it's time to head back home tomorrow, I can't wait to go through all the photos 
especially the ones from the road, Niagara Falls, the art gallery, the awesome ice cream shoppe, 
and our 3 days on the farm, we had a blast!

(playground fun during our second day in New York)

(tomatoes fresh from the garden and were just perfect on last night homemade pizza)

(trampoline jumping on the farm before the storm while I got totally soaked in dog slobber lying on the ground taking photos)

And a BIG Happy Birthday to my Mom today, glad we could spend it with her!

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  1. What kind of camera do you use? Those shots are WONDERFUL!!
    Thanks for linking up! Happy w/w!

  2. These are wonderful!! You should totally make a GIF like I did today.

  3. All very fun things to do in the summer. Great shots!


  4. Always fun to stop by and see what creative things you come up with! Love this series!

  5. I just picked my first red tomato this year. Looks like you have a few more :)

  6. Fresh from the garden tomatoes are the best! Love your trampoline shots.

  7. These pictures are so cool! I absolutely LOVE how you arranged them. Thanks for the great inspiration! :)

  8. Great photos! I love seeing all of the related images.

  9. greats photos! The trampoline ones are amazing!
    Stopping over from the link-up at the paper mama

  10. love the idea of shooting under the trampoline - great photos!

  11. Those tomatoes look divine! Love the collages too!

  12. Those trampoline photos are so neat!

  13. your children are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing.

  14. Visiting from jenni from the blog's Wordless Wednesday! :)


  15. Oh wow the trampoline pictures are brilliant. What a great idea, I think I might have to give this a go.


  16. i love these photos! those tomatoes look divine!! there certainly isn't anything like fresh homegrown tomatoes! i love your perspective on the trampoline!! how fun to see them from underneath!!

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