{SH} Sundays #9

So much has been going on lately and soon big decisions need to be made, have you ever felt like the universe was forcing you somewhere and as hard as you try to fight, it's a loosing battle? And with all my extra time you'd think I could discover the cure to some deadly disease or world hunger. (Update: we are still without having internet which 6 out of 7 the providers is the house is unserviceable, really in 2012 in a populated town on a busy street it's seems crazy). Sigh!

I am so thankful for our local coffee shop and bookstore so I can continue to join everyone on Scavenger Hunt Sundays!

Our first school bus sighting of the year.
Rule of Thirds
 We love art museums!!!!!!

Side Profile
 I love those chubby cheeks on my friends little girl and I was so happy to finally get to meet this cutie and what her take some of her first steps!

My sweet little girl made up a song for me using her small pink Barbie guitar and was so excited to have me listen, it was wonderful!
 Almost lost my lunch trying to capture this moment, think I might be dizzy for a while.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday


  1. Motion is FANTASTIC! So HAPPY! And the school bus shot is great - love instagram!!

  2. Wow! These are all so great! Motion is wonderful, and your school picture is great! Very creative.

  3. Such an creative school shot. But you are making ME motion sick with that last one. It is fabulous!!!! Might have to try that myself, AFTER I take some Dramamine :)

  4. Oh, those last three shots are just darn cute. Can't believe you were able to get that last shot- I think I might have fallen off, ha!

  5. Some fabulous shots! I love the rearview mirror shot of the school bus and the art museum - definitely a "rule by thirds"

  6. Motion is phenomenal! Wow! Love the school bus shot, too!

  7. Almost lost my breakfast LOOKING at that motion shot ----- WoW!

  8. That motion shot is AWESOME!!! And I love that school bus one, and the art museum one...I guess I love them all!! :)

  9. These are simply wonderful. Great capture on "motion" I really like that one. And the school bus is very creative. Good job!

  10. What a delightful set.
    My top picks:
    School - I love rearview mirror shots like that.
    Rule of Thirds - Such a fun shot.
    Motion - Wow that is just sweet.

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