{SH} Sundays #8

I almost didn't make this weeks scavenger hunt, it's been 4 weeks without internet and they said maybe another 3 weeks before it's finally fixed. I am so behind being unplugged makes my days harder and lucky for us we homeschool so I can push the first day of school back a couple weeks since a lot of the studies involve the computer.

 The kiddos having races through the forest of flags on display at a local park.

Morning Light
 I was testing out the morning light in my new home studio when Eco came in and wrapped herself in my hammock and started making silly faces.

 Eco may love her oldest sister but she rarely wants her to touch her so when Luna spotted an opportunity she did a surprise hug from behind, too cute.

 Newspapers at least around here will no longer be a daily part of our lives and with the reduction of staff and closing of many daily's all across the country I highly recommend taking the kids to watch the newspaper being printed, the kids had so much fun!

Coffee & Tea
 Vintage coffee can, that's the best I could do on that on.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday


  1. Love the morning light shot, so beautiful!

  2. Your photos have me smiling. I just love your morning light photo and the newspaper shot.. Such cute faces..

  3. Forest is amazing! Wow! Hope the internet gets fixed soon (I can't imagine, yikes!)

  4. I love the first photo of your kids running through the flags. And the faces in your Newspaper shot are so cute!

  5. Holy cow! Your photos are absolutely STUNNING!!! Beautiful shots!!
    P.S. That is a LONG time to be without the internet! I think I'd go nuts after a couple of days ;)

  6. Great set.
    Forest was really cool and such a different interpetation.
    Loved the Morning Light shot - What a expressive face.

  7. Every shot was STUNNING!!! Love the flags and the morning light..... WOW.

  8. Oh what a wonderful set...but my fav is the first one with the children running through that forest of flags. Great shot!! And the one of your daughter in the morning light is wonderful!!

  9. My favorite is your morning light photo and the story that goes with it. Her eyes are beautiful!

  10. That face - morning light - so many layers to how those words fit that photo!! You will cherish this beautiful photo of her for years to come!

  11. Those expressions are priceless. Great set of pictures.

  12. The look on the kids faces, while wathing the newspaper printing, is priceless, very funny.
    And I loooove your vintage coffee can!!


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