{SH} Sundays #7

It's been 2 weeks since I've had internet service and for a photographer it seems like eternity, I've only been able to blog twice a week from friends computers, I really hope they figure out what's wrong with the line so I can share all our vacation photos!

 My son hand picked these from my friends garden, I think they almost look to pretty to eat. Several people thought he was carrying around Easter eggs and not potatoes?

Hanging by a Thread 
 Saw this little guy holding on for dear life to a crepe myrtle blossom bud or maybe he was just showing off.

 Kids jumping on the trampoline, I love watching while I lay on the ground underneath.
(made the collage using photo mechanic and screen capture)

Always Look on the Bright Side

The Mississippi gulf coast is so gorgeous!
Finally visited Biloxi, MS I hadn't been back since Hurricane Katrina and I watch the sailboats head out. What a beautiful place, they have recovered well, though I do miss all the historic that were destroyed from the flood waters. 

Sometimes my son can be a bit hard headed, so telling him there isn't snow in August when we go back home to visit doesn't mean you won't be seeing him carrying skis all around town looking for some.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday


  1. Oh my goodness, love them all. That grasshopper is a great catch, and how neat laying under the trampoline, but that last one is too cute in more ways than one! Hope your computer is fixed soon, and you have some great friends!

  2. Oh my you filled your hunt with amazing shots! Truly wonderful. Yes, at first glance, I thought easter eggs as well! Have a happy week.

  3. Amazing shots! I just love the potatoes and the grashopper!

  4. These are amazing! Love bright side and hanging by a thread!

  5. Wow....awesome collage! I can just picture you laying under the trampoline.....the neighbors must love it! That grasshopper is very photogenic. I have never seen one like that before!

  6. Oh fun shots...I love the sailboat image, so colorful and fun. I giggled at your son, kids don't ya just love um?! And that grasshopper shot is awesome

  7. that grasshopper photo is amazing!

  8. Love the grasshopper! It's so colorful and sharp!

  9. Very interesting set.
    Loved the Grasshopper in Hanging by a Thread and that Collage was fascinating.

  10. Wonderful!! Love the grasshopper, it's Beautiful.

  11. Your "collage" shot is fantastic! I love it. Great job!


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