{SH} Sundays #6

Going Back in Time
We are spending the weekend at my friends farm, it has been quite an adventure so far and their dog had taken a liking to Zen.

Something Just for Me
 We rode the Maid of the Mist just for me! After spending my childhood afraid of going on a boat at the foot of Niagara Falls I decided it was time, the kiddos had a blast and so did my Dad.

Best Part of My Day
Best part of my day especially in the heat is watching the kids play in the sprinkler and jumping in with them.

Night & Day

My youngest has a very unpredictable personality, like night and day or more like has food and needs more food.

Look Up

We visited my favorite art gallery and before I knew it I looked and saw the kids climbing halfway up one of the art sculptures.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday


The Paper Mama Photo Challenge
The Paper Mama Photo Challenge "fun"


  1. Wonderful photos this week. I really love you one for 'look up'

  2. These photos are all so perfect. I just can not choose one as a favorite!

  3. Great images! The last one and the one with the sprinkler are my favourites. =)

  4. These are delightful! I absolutely adore "look up" beautiful colors and just the epitome of childhood!!

  5. LOVE the sprinkler shot....pure joy! Great set.

  6. Best part of your day and look up are spectacular! Looks like you're having a fun summer with the kids!

  7. Oh my goodness! LOVE your sprinkler picture. How fantastic is that. Beautiful. Also love that you got to ride on Maid of the Mist. My Mom and Dad went on that boat on their honeymoon in 1975. They told me all about it : )

  8. wow, beautiful photos especially the sprinkler.

    beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!

  9. What a great set! That sprinkler photo is breathtaking! I also really enjoyed "look up"!

  10. Wow-beautiful! Your whole blog is full of such amazing photography. I loved looking around! I saw your pictures on Paper Mama, and I wanted to invite you to my photo link party. The theme this week is "summer", and I'd love for you to share your photography with us there each Friday!




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