{WW} : Forever in Our Hearts

We've made it safely back home for our annual visit, hanging out with family, 
enjoying their slightly cooler weather and we arrived just in time to attend my 
high school reunion, afterwards we stopped by
 the Continental Flight 3407 Memorial that's at the the end of my parents street.
 One of my high school classmates was aboard the plane when it went 
down that cold February night in 2009 along with her baby boy. 
The kiddos spent time making sure they read all 51 names on the plaque 
and the 2 survivors that lived in the house. It brings tears to my eyes
 thinking of my friends who had relatives that died in the crash and 
our community that lost so many wonderful people in such a tragic way. 

Luna kept staring at the engraved image of the house that the plane 
landed on, what an incredibly sad legacy our little town has to carry on but 
what a wonderful memorial they built so we never forget.

To read more about Continental flight 3407 go here.

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  1. What a beautiful memorial to those who were lost.



  2. Such a touching post. Such sweet captures. Hugs.

  3. wow.. what a beautiful thing... so sorry for the loss of the community, but what a great tribute


  4. I think it's so wonderful that you all visit the memorial each year. But what a tragic loss and senseless act of violence. Our country has been forever changed, but we often forget about that close-knit community that was impacted as well.

  5. Such a sad but beautiful story..


  6. A beautiful tribute to those who lost their lives. The pink petunias that circle the plaque really pop and give the family and friends a lovely place to reflect and remember.


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