{SH} Sunday #4

The week has flown by, between the moving, starting up my own photography business (only 8 more weeks left at the newspaper it's going to be strange, 13 years is a long time but not when you were doing something you love.) and a few last minute photo session has left me up to my eyeballs in boxes and somewhere around here are my kids hopefully packing their bags for our trip and not hiding from the chaos. 

Yes I'm crazy enough to plan a 3000 mile road trip for the day after we move, can't wait to see some old friends and meet all their little ones!


Sisters are the best!

Time Together

Spending time at the pool with friends is a great way to cool down.

Tell Me a Story

 I never had an older sister but I now how great it would have been after watching my girls help eachother.


There is no greater kitty love than Snowball with her mouse.


Crazy hair seems to run in the family.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday


  1. beautiful! Love the wrapped shot.

  2. I absolutely love your wrapped photo! They are all so beautiful.

  3. Tell me a story... *sigh* ♥ Absolutely my fav :)

  4. Great shots, Kate! Love Wrapped.

  5. Tell me a story is amazing! Love the perspective and everything!

  6. I am now following you from a Friday blog hop. Please visit me at msqueenfashionista@gmail.com and do the same.
    I love summer activities. They are the best.

  7. Beautiful set of photos! I really love that first one.

  8. Wow...what a great set. I can't even pick a favorite!!! Beautiful.

  9. The color of the blanket contrasting with they eye colors.....attention grabbing! Good work :)

  10. Love your wrapped and tell me a story.


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