{SH} Sunday #2

I really am loving the scavenger hunt Sundays, thanks ladies!
 It's so much fun to look back through my images I posted from the past week even in
 the middle of chaos and moving or I didn't get around to sharing until now, enjoy!

I took this photo of a Marine during our city's Freedom Celebration, I just love how proud he looks.

From Above:

I had to interpretations of From above, first one is of my daughter during her swim birthday party
 shot at a higher camera angle and the other of her in the air above me
 jumping into a puddle.


The many fireworks we watch on the fourth of July, I thought they look so
 pretty together so I took a snapshot image from the desktop while they were in 
photo mechanic to make this mosaic.


My four sets of tiny toes playing in the sand at the beach.


The vibrant sunlight passing through the water as it rains down from the fire hose
 as the kids played at the park and another one of my sweet Little Eco who was 
the center of attention this week as we celebrated her 6th birthday.

Ramblings and Photos

"Beach entry"

Paper Heart Camera

Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley


  1. Wow these are all so beautiful! I love the lashes in the from above shot! The black and white makes it even more adorable!

  2. Wow, fantastic set. Love all of them. The swim cap shots are gorgeous and the feet in the sand is precious.

  3. I just love your patriotic! So stunning! And those toes, priceless!

  4. Uhmmmm.... WOW! I a head over heals in love w/ this whole set! WOW!

  5. OMG...those head shots are FABULOUS!!!! wow...blows my socks off..(if it wasn't so hot to wear them!)

  6. Wow these photos are just awesome! I agree those head shots are amazing!

  7. Beutiful images. I love the patriotic one. Yes, he looks proud! The head shots and the tiny toes did me in. Just love them!

  8. These are awesome. I love every single one.

  9. absolutely stunning!!!! I am blown away by your photography skills!! i love your style!

  10. I just love your photography! From above is wildly wonderful!


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