Colorful Bursts of Light

                             blurred focus fireworks                                                                  slow shutter speed with random camera motion

This year was the first time the kiddos had ever seen sparklers, boy they couldn't stop talking about them and forgot all about the mean lady that stood right in front of them blocking their view of the fireworks, we asked nicely if she'd could move over a little bit or sit down like the rest of us, instead the lady got more people to stand in our view, seriously?! There are just some plain old mean people out there, almost had to dial 911 after she started harassing us for no reason at all and it lasted for 15 minutes straight. We made it home safe, we still had fun and that's all that matters.


  1. I love the firework collage! What a great idea- it's very eye-catching.

  2. Whoa! First word that came to mind. That is so stinkin cool. I would love to be able to practice more with this technique. Hubs did his own this year and they were a little too random to get great shots. Thanks so much for sharing your talent and linking to our Summer Daze Photo Party!


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