{WW} : Life's little Puddles and Jumpers

When it rain it pours here and I'm not just talking about the nearly 20 inches in 24 hours we had over the weekend,
there are times in life when we have the choice to make lemonade and jump in those puddles!

 The same puddles that may or may not have been filled by my tears after learning the fate of my friends, co-workers and my job
 along with the other 600 newspaper workers across Alabama and New Orleans that will now have to
 start down a new career path.

........and the rains kept coming

so they kept playing this time with friends and a whole lot more water......

and remember to always go out with a big splash!

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and then, she {snapped}


  1. These pictures are beautiful! And so is your blog. New follower here :)


  2. Great shots. It looks like they had a ton of fun too!

  3. Now these are all really GOOD. Looks like they had a blast!!

  4. Beautiful photos! Love the connection you made. I am so sorry about the job! I'm sending prayers and happy thoughts your way. Congrats on choosing to jump in the puddles!

  5. What fun for the kids and you behind the camera! How did you keep your camera dry?

  6. I lived in a trailer park when I was young that would flood when it rained real bad. We would have a ball playing in that water as if we had our own lakes. Beautiful shots.

  7. What a beautiful post to come from such a sad event. Your pictures are wonderful. They perfectly capture the fun of children despite the sorrow.

  8. Awesome candids, you can feel how much fun they are having!

  9. Brilliant and lovely! Makes you wish you were a kid again. Great work.


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