Sweetest Father's Day Card Ever!

WooHoo! This was another Pinterest inspired gift, we did just a few things different from the original pin, some due to space constraint on our board and we decided to add a sentence which added a couple extra candies, 17 sugary snacks in total. 

Funny thing happened when we went to the grocery store to collect all the candy someone had already been there and left every single one we needed in a pile, except they were missing the Whatchamacallit, so we had to venture off to another store and as we were checking out the cashier asked if we were making the candy card for Dad. 

I wonder just how many people were running all over town collecting candy bars yesterday?

So proud of their creation, they definitely think he'll like this better than another tie, 
and their really hoping he shares if not were going to have some angry low blood sugar kids
 and that won't be pretty (I have a hidden stash just in case).


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