Summer Feet

Who doesn't like little sandy feet, well at least on the beach and not walking across my wooden floors. The kiddos actually hate the sand so we rarely go an play at the beach even though it's less than a mile from our house, they'd rather just keep their shoes on and hang out on the swings near by but with some coaxing they agreed to take this photo for me if there was a trip to the ice cream shop afterwards.

my example of:

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge


  1. Hey there! I just stumbled on your cute blog and I have to say I’m your newest adoring follower! Also I’d just love for you to come check out a giveaway I’m having that ends tomorrow!! Hope to see you there!

    Thanks so much!
    Xo, Emily

  2. Those sandy feet are too cute.

  3. You have lovely and inspiring photos! And adorable childen!! now following you .. :)

  4. I absolutely LOVE this photo!! Soooo cute!

  5. Congrats on the WIN! This shot is so great!


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