Rockin' Out

Rollin' it like I'm 12! I'm crazy that way. 

The kiddos and I headed to the safety of the track to try out our new toy, at first the girl's had a difficult time trying to balance and rock the scooter, Stream took a spill and well cried ,gave up and then quit. I had a hard time adjusting it's totally different than a tradition scooter. So it seemed really weird until I managed to get a few trips around the track. I got some strange looks our neighbors must think I've lost it, actually they thought I was the kiddos teenage babysitter.
 Rockboard got the thumbs up (and not because I looked younger on it but that's a bonus) what a great alternative if you're looking for a quick mode of transportation for a short distance away like school or to a friends house and did I mention it folds up and can be easily taken anywhere.

 So my birthday present definitely rocked and I'm sure once we get more skilled on it the more fun we'll have! 


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