Play Nice!

Did I ever mention how much I enjoy my kids be homeschooled? 
How much I love watching them play together like when I take them to the park and they're the only ones there, my kids don't want to leave they make up games that include all four of them, they never exclude any of their siblings, there's no fighting, screaming, crying, just playing. 
I'm sure it's not just because they're homeschooled but I really think that it's taught them to work together, play together and get along being home all day together. 
They even manage to include their teacher in the games (Why am I always safe or home base?).

Happy Monday!

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  1. That's great! I love the picture:-) I too appreciate how well our own kids get along (for the most part). They are not homeschooled, but I dream about that a lot. I struggle to accept certain attitudes they come home from school with, but I also want them to be more socially confident than myself... I dream of a travelling homeschool in the campervan once that's finished, but how do you do it? I can't imagine getting any learning done while chasing after my 2 year old! Would love to know more about how/why you do it!


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