Photo Friday: Holiday Moment

This was my sweet little girl on Easter, she felt so pretty wearing her big sister's dress 
and her sparkly glitter shoes, I'm just glad I got her to stand still for a photo after all the chocolate, 
jellybeans and doughnuts they ate that morning. 

The Hollie Rogue


  1. I really like this picture, it has a very vintage feel to it as well.

  2. OH MY goodness! this is such a beautiful moment captured for all time! I love the setting and the beautiful subject. thanks for participating in the contest! good luck!

  3. I love the edit on this one! It is so timeless. Beautiful.

  4. I like the way she's standing in the middle of a light area. Was it that way SOOC or was it a finishing touch? :o)

    1. The light was illuminating her but I darkened the edges on the lower 1/3 of the image so it drew the eye in, since the first thing people look at in a photograph is the brightest spot(or white areas), so my photography teachers in college told me :O).


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