Kitty Perry: Cone-Gate

Snowball aka Kitty Perry got injured last week, we don't know whether she fell out of a tree
 or was attacked but whatever it was left a gaping wound the size of a golf ball 
that wouldn't heal so the vet gave us a cone to keep her from picking at it and that's
 how I left to sleeping peacefully on the back porch in her kitty cone.

And this is what I woke up to, sure she looks sweet and very pretty but where's the cone?????? 
We search for hours, asked neighbors and looked under every bush she hunts for birds in 
and found nothing.  She won't tell us anything we asked.
 So I can't say were shocked, Kitty Perry has a track record of surprising us with her wit,
and she just looks so darn cute doing it too. But seriously where is it????


  1. Awww she looks so innocent! I find those cones cost lots of money so I have started saving ours. We have an accident prone dog and keeping it knocks about £15 off the vet bill... Maybe you should hold back her pocket money till she fesses up!

  2. Smart cat!! lol. So cute though...and I can't blame her. Nice name too...reminds me of some famous singer who goes by the name Katy...hmmm. =)


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