DIY: Flying Matchbox Cars

So you may or may not know about my obsession with drilling holes in my sons toys (remember the Lego bracelets) this one is just as fun! 

All you'll need is a matchbox car and make sure it's metal not plastic, also not your child's favorite one either and a collapsible vegetable steamer. I got both the matchbox cars and veggie steamer at a local thrift store, though I've seen the steamers at the supermarket for between $4-$10.

       Then take a drill bit that goes through metal and make a hole in the top of the car big enough for your 3/4 inch long screw.

        Remove 2 wings off the collapsible streamer for the wings and attach with a 3/4 inch screw (1/2 inch can also be used). 

Put the screw between the long opening at the base of the metal wings and screw it onto the top of the matchbox car.

Grab some fishing line and tie it around your screw and the car flies! 
My son likes to tie the other end of the fishing line to a stick and fly them around, my girls hang them from the ceiling in their bedrooms and their a favorite at birthday parties.

TOTAL COST: $5 (makes 8 cars)
thrifted bag of 12 matchbox cars $3
thrifted collapsible veggie steamer $2


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