Wordless{ful} Wednesdays: Wild Things Tribute

I'd love to say that I've been a fan for the past 37 years but I can't, yesterday was the first time any of us had ever read the book. We sat together huddle onto the leather chair in Zen and Eco's room mesmerized by the beautiful illustrations and the simplicity of the story. Afterwards I shared with then the sad news of his passing, but his legacy will carry on in our home at night when they're all tucked in dreaming about Max and his boat.

It also makes a great hat and harnesses superpowers while playing video games.

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  1. LOVE this series!! I really look forward to your work! Thanks so much for linking to Project Alicia! Happy WW!

    1. Thanks Alicia, your post by the way is awesome! It makes me want to hop in the van and find some old abandon farmhouse for a photo shoot.

  2. Nice shots! :) Have a lovely day!

  3. Love that last photo, especially. And that book!

  4. What a great idea of shots. So creative and they are great pics!

  5. Great photos and what a beautiful way to dedicate a post. RIP Maurice.

  6. Stunning photography, haven't read the book yet myself, can't wait to read it to my baby!

  7. So glad you linked up to Summer Reading Adventure! Stop by at the end of the series to find out if you won the Tickle Monster book giveaway. Have a great 4th of July!

    Mari Hernandez-Tuten


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