Wordless{ful} Wednesdays: Block Party

I'll admit I still love playing with blocks especially the vintage kind. Several years ago I found
 a bag of old wooden blocks at a local thrift store, the kind I would play with at
the doctors office way back when,  my kids never seemed to care much for them though.
 So I began using the blocks as decoration around their rooms, on holidays or just to
spell out a happy thought. 
 Our blocks are worn, and chipped, faded and old but I love my them!
 Even if the kids think I'm weird and maybe one day
 I'll even show you my extensive Little People collection.

Then my ever so optimistic and beautiful Luna went and spelled out this wonderful message for us!

It made me very.................

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  1. What great blocks! I love the umbrella.

  2. Holy WOW! I really love your blocks. I am incredibly impressed with these gorgeous pictures. : ) I would love to see how creative you are with your Little People collection!

  3. Those wooden blocks are so pretty! I wish I could find similar. :)

  4. How creative! I love my Little People collection, too! http://wp.me/p2gpEb-ag

  5. Those blocks are awesome - as are the messages. ;)

    Angry Bird Launching 101

  6. Very cool shots. I love using my wooden letter blocks in maternity and baby shoots but mine aren't nearly as cool as these!

  7. Great pictures, i don't remember playing with blocks when I was a kid & after I had that thought I also thought 'maybe i'm too young?'.. I want to find some old blocks like this for my son to play with, all these noise makers drive me nuts some days & I think it'd be cool to use the blocks for spelling/colors/etc.

  8. Those blocks are beautiful! Just my sort of thing. Such a good idea.

  9. Fantastic old blocks. We have some, but they aren't as old or quite as well loved yet.


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