Those Eyes

My oldest has always been told by many she has eyes like Elizabeth Taylor while a few have said Brook Shields, they are strikingly beautiful and blue as the sky and if you wanted to know she was born with those gorgeous eyebrows too. I don't think she realizes yet how lucky she is to never have to worry about waxing, plucking or painting on her brows they are perfection!

My example of “Eyes”

Have beautiful eyes to share? even goofy?

The challengeAll my photo challenges should be based around your children (pets are always welcome). Share a photo of the little one’s eyes.


  1. wow!!!! she is sooooooo lucky. beautiful eyes, beautiful brows, beautiful girl.
    great shots too.

  2. She is beautiful for sure. WOW! : ) What color are your eyes?

    1. All four of my kiddos have blue eyes right now, mine turned green when I was 14, so I'm sure some of theirs will change too, but the blue comes from both sides.


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