Mini DIY: Mirror Makeover

Painting a mirror seemed like a fairly easy project and on the skill scale it's probably a 2 right? That's what I thought but working with the Krylon Fusion plastic paint was a nightmare. It was way too watery, and yes I shook it even read the directions on the back 10 times. The paint didn't come out in an even spray is splattered and dripped everywhere. I had to resort on full protective gear to keep myself from turning orange.

So after 5 coats, 1 can of orange spray paint and 8 hours of total drying time the mirror still wasn't 100% covered but we live too far from HD to make trip back for another can. This was a small project so if you are wanting to use the Krylon Fusion on a larger project be prepared to buy a lot of paint it's like water.

Victory! I was able to reassemble the mirror and hang it in the girl's room by the end of the day.

We painted it to match their wall of paper fans and an orange lamp that sits between their beds, want to make some fans? It's a really easy project we originally used them as party decorations before moving them into the bedroom. Click on over to my decorating with paper fans DIY post here.

In the end I really love it! The mirror looks fabulous in their bedroom and add the right pop of color where we need it. Over all my opinion on the paint is don't use it on anything of real value or if you're picky about paint being perfect, there will be splatter spots and crackling so just don't look too close.

Total Project Cost:
mirror $8
spray paint $4

Total Project Time:
8 hours

If you love DIY projects head over to Repeat Crafter Me she was very kind to mention our blog this week in her post!

Two Yellow Birds Decor


  1. That is darling! I love how you painted it red! Such a cute pop of color in the room! Thanks so much for sharing at Thursday's Temptation.

  2. love the colour, awesome result ... must get into some spray painting!

  3. I have a gold mirror that I would love to add some color to! I might just have to paint it! Thanks for the idea. I'm a new follower from the Pinterest Party.

  4. What a pretty orange. Thanks for the heads up on the spray paint. I wonder if you just got a faulty can. Either way the frame came out wonderful!

  5. I am featuring your darling mirror at todays link party! Wahoo!!

    1. Thanks so much! That's awesome and so is your blog!

  6. A very cute makeover! Love it!

    ~Steph @ Silver Boxes

  7. love the color! i have a similar mirror that i want to paint that color now! you have inspired me!

  8. love your orange mirror and i would love to feature it if that would be ok with you please let me know,

  9. I found the exact same mirror at a thrift store the other day!!
    Yours turned out great despite the messy spray paint problem

  10. So pretty! I love the color you chose. I'll have to keep an eye out for mirrors this summer at garage sales so I can try this myself :)

    Mai |

  11. Mini DIY: Mirror Makeover is finally shared over here and at the site. Great tips on clean painting on mirror and other things too, I really am happy you shared this good post.

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