Keep on Rollin'

The heat is unbearable lately, we have to be ready and out the door by 8am just to get our daily activity in and that's really early for us,  add some wheel on my feet and it feels even earlier. 
But we enjoy riding bikes and rollerblading, we love chasing each other around the track and we love coming home to a big bowl of ice cream. 
Did you know it's almost the end of May? Summer vacation starts Monday around here, how did that happen? We're going to keep it rollin' until July 1st and I don't think the kiddos mind one bit.
All we want to do in the heat is lay around the cool house reading books anyways. Lazy summer days are our specialty.


Have you been counting? This is our 500th post! and we're going to keep on rollin'.
Have you made a book out of your blog posts, I've started laying one out and can't wait to thumb through it when it arrives. Blogs are a wonderful way of recording our lives, our likes and dislikes, recipes, travels, milestones and adventures!


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