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I'm exhausted from thinking literally, for the past week now the news about the fate of our daily paper like many others around the country isn't good. We will no longer be printing seven days a week and my job of 13 years is in jeopardy. I'm still in shock, it's like losing a best friend. I absolutely love what I do, meeting new people, sharing stories and connecting with tens of thousands of readers daily through my photos. It has been my way of making a difference in this world letting the good, the bad and the tearful be shared in your homes and at the breakfast table. I never dreamed of a better job or career this is what I aspired to do, it's the memories of our family sitting around the table on Sunday morning after church, talking about the stories, laughing over the comics and playing word jumble. I don't know how many people I've impacted in my 16 years as a photojournalist but there has been many hugs from strangers and thank you notes left in my mailbox and phone calls of gratitude, I can't imagine doing anything else. So as I wait to hear what will become of myself and co-workers I know that what we do we do out of a love and for every dogs that fetches the morning paper. The ink still runs deep in my viens and I hope for many more years to come.

I finally got through writing this post without crying until my kids delivered this handmade newspaper which made me tear up with both joy and sadness. They really spent a lot of time, energy and love making it just to put a smile on my face and if this can't I don't know what will.

The Early Bird Newspaper editorial staff: Zen, Luna, Stream and Little Eco.

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  1. What a beautiful newspaper for you. Thinking of you!

  2. Awwwwww! The handmade newspaper got me all teary-eyed. How sweet are those kids?

    Funny Face

  3. Oh so sad and so sweet! It's crazy how we as a society have changed with the world at our finger tips.

  4. Wow! They really put an effort in making that newspaper! So sweet!

  5. love this...thinking of you Kate.

  6. What a beautiful newspaper. Hugs to you. What a change...

  7. Their homemade newspaper is adorable.


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