A flower by any other name

Managed to snapped this on our walked home after looking at some
 art exhibits during First Friday Artwalk. Our small town has some of our most talented residents.

I just love this shade of purple. 

Glad we decided to packed the point and shoot, I'm not one to
 stop and smell the roses but you never know when inspiration will strike and wait until you see little Eco all dressed up in heels for her much older "boyfriend".

Again, I have no idea what kind of flower is or is not.

I don't usually do anything to my photos besides a little color correction or toning, I'm kind of a newbie with this texture stuff but decided to have some fun with Sarah Gardener's BLUSH FREE TEXTURES set HERE. I'm really liking how it turned out,I used the BLUSH cherry at 37% opacity and then did some color adjustment using selective color in Photoshop.


  1. Oh, that is an agapanthis lilly. I just planted 45 in our garden this week! They are stunning and cheerful in such a homely way... now just got to wait til Spring here so we can enjoy their flowers too. Great photo! grace

  2. Beautiful. Love the coloring modification too!


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