DIY: Plastic Egg Maracas

What do you do when you have four kids who have collected enough plastic Easter eggs to bury their sister alive? Seriously they did,  go here  if you want to see Little Eco up to her eyeballs in rainbow colored eggs.

So we decided to make a little noise after finding this DIY craft. It's been a favorite around nursery schools and Vacation Bible School for years and we've put our own little twist on it yet again.

Starting off we used medium sized plastic Easter eggs and found some First Years kiddy forks that I still had from way back when, they're great to use since they resist breaking and have rounded nice corners. Then we went out to Walmart and the kids picked out some funky Duck Tape, Target also sells the decorative duct tape. Add then throw in some beans and we have a rockin' party!

Fill up the plastic eggs with beans, don't over fill,  you'll want to leave room for the beans to be able to shake around.

If you're worried about younger kids getting into the beans put several layers of the tape around the egg.

Since I used kid friendly handles there was no need to tape the ends of the forks together and the Duck Tape will secures the handles nicely to the eggs. 

Now it's time to shake, rattle and roll!

Total project cost $4

plastic eggs: free

forks: free
(we had them for over 7 years)

Duck Tape: $4

Time it takes to make on pair: 10 minutes 

Hope you've enjoyed another Ramblings tutorial and Pinterest inspired project!
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  1. Those are so cute!! What a fun thing for the kids! Thank you so much for entering this into the Project Pinterest Challenge! Best of Luck to you!


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