Confetti and Balloons

Sometimes a birthday goes unnoticed like my 30th and sometimes birthdays require little need for fanfare like this year and sometimes all you need is the company of four of the most wonderful kids you could ever want and spend a lazy day drinking fabulous rootbeer on the beach. But don't get me wrong hanging out with 35,000 of your closest friends singing and dancing can be really fun too and if you bring your kids to see the Flaming Lips (yes it's the name of a band, for those of us over 35 and don't have an ipod ) live with confetti canons and giant balloons it can catapult you into super cool mom status instantly!

So here's to finally reaching a birthday where there's not enough room on the cake for all my candles! 

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  1. As per my view balloons give more happiness to the children, If we gift them on their Birthday.
    Children play with it and want it should be always here in my hand.

  2. LOVE the pictures! Thanks for stopping and finding me so I could find you! I'm going to love checking out your blog!

  3. Lovely happy images


  4. I love the pictures! You're editing is perfect and really enhances the mood. Those balloons are fabulous!

  5. What fun! ...and those balloons are huge!


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