Bucket List

Last year I finished my to do list, the one I wrote years ago when I was a senior in high school ans ever since then I've been feeling kind of lost. I miss having something to work at, look forward to, achieve I loved that they were from young nieve me, with honest dream and a bright future. I actually thought it would take a lot longer to finish, I could never have guessed that I would see Paul Simon from the front row, on the beach at sunset and get paid to do so. It was such a high point in my life I rode that smile for months. Now I'm left wondering what direction I need to go and with my 38th birthday approaching I thought maybe I'll start with a list of things I haven't done yet and decide which to put on my new to do list, the first one took 20 years to finish wonder how long the new list will take to cross off.

Things I haven't done and wouldn't mind doing:

visit the Grand Canyon

ride a double decker bus in England

move back home after college

learn to sing

ride the Maid of the Mist in Niagara Falls

become a painter

design my own home

own a cheese farm with 11 sheep and 1 goats

take the kids to France

visit Italy

go see Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

meet Ellen

do yoga everyday

ride my bicycle cross-country

wear make-up

adopt a child (this has been on my unofficial list since I was 9 yrs old)

get drunk (this one I don't really want to but wonder what it feels like)

publish a picture book

create hallmark greeting cards

dye my hair blonde

find a religion I identify with

have a best friend

laugh really hard at least once a day

learn to ride a unicycle

Don't know if all of these warrant being on the list, who really needs to wear make-up anyways?

Wish I could find the list I made at school in 6th grade and as Luna's 6th grade teacher of course I had her write one too.

Go here if you want help writing your own.



  1. great list kate! let's get started marking some of those off!!

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