Balancing Act

I took less than an hour, maybe it was only 30 minutes and he was peddling around the track like Lance Armstrong. Well maybe not quite that fast but at least without training wheels and I can't take any credit for this giant feat either. It was all Zen or should I say Zen and his two favorite friends who came over and spent the morning helping him. I think that's called goof peer pressure and I've come to realize as a mom sometimes it's best to let go. I won't be able to say I taught him to ride his bike but he'll always have the memories of his two best buddies teaching him. I was there, I saw it happen and that's good enough for me. 

We'll have plenty of time to make create memories and tell stories about our cycling adventure!

Happy Weekend!

The ever so talented Kristi over at Live and Love....Out Loud has a new photo challenge,
 she also posts great tips on photography and motherhood be sure to visit her!

Leap Into Spring Photo Challenge: Grass/Green

  Live and Love Out Loud


  1. Such fun shots! I love the reflection.

  2. These are great shots! I am in love with that reflection shot!

  3. What a super fun series. Love that reflection shot and the last one is so sweet. Thanks so much for joining Rebecca, Kristi, and me for the Leap into Spring Challenge!


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