You Ain't from Around Here.....

Back in high school a friend moved to Huntsville and I remember talking to her over the phone in a really loud voice wondering why would her parents do such a thing, Alabama seemed like the other side of the planet back then, even now living in Alabama I find myself speaking loudly trying to get my point across as if I'm from a foreign country trying to navigate my life in a different language, some people I've met really do think New York is well not even part of America, like it's somewhere in Canada, at least they can find Canada but we won't go there. There have been times when I've been told they can smell my Yankee blood, really? Does it smell something like chicken wings and curly fries then cause I'm from Buffalo and I've probably eaten my weight in wings several times over since birth. 

Recently I look at a map of my hometown and realized that I didn't have to move far to be in Alabama, actually only 15 miles away not 1500, go figure I'd get lost somewhere along the way. 

Now if I can find that way home soon.

I'm going to start adding my daily thought to the end of my posts, it seem so easily we forget what's important and focus on those that aren't.

Today's Daily Thought: Everyone has "issues" that hold them back, internal resistance that tells them all the reasons they can't do it. Resistance is evil. It keeps you from the life you really want. The people admired most are the ones that have learned to overcome.


Inspired by Family Magazine

Day 10


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