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April 15, 2010
Wow that went fast I can't believe I haven't found time to post my life isn't that busy between homeschooling, working running a side business, spring cleaning and make sure I keep our four kids alive here's what productions we've been up to.

Barbershop:Little E had her first haircut this week she asked me to cut it after it got to long and was in the way on the potty she insists we're sending it to her Uncle M who lost his hair at a young age so he can have long pretty hair like her.

Puss N Boots:My kids seem to think putting rainboots on the cat will make it famous, I have no idea why.

Big Fish: Lucy has a gift for catching fish like the rest of the girls in the family.
The Little Princess: Little E has this fascination with being Mulan after big sister performed in a local theatre production of Disney's Mulan Jr. so she walks around with her hair up saying things like "Mulan a soldier?",  "Mulan would like dinner", "Mulan would like you to get her a drink now". we find it rather amusing and it's the only time she'll where her hair up. 


Wow I can't believe how crazy fast life changes, Eco's hair is back down to her booty again and she's ready for another haircut, so is the cat. I've never shaved a cat before so it should be interesting my neighbor volunteered to help bleed assist me and the only fish we've killed lately was Luna's pet Betta, RIP Sky we miss you. We also really miss our old place and all the laughter it was housed and the kids playing roller derby through the living room and the smell of me baking cupcakes in that awesome kitchen.


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