Soccer Superstar

Let me just start of by saying I love this boy for so many reasons and in the most simplest of moments I am reminded of them. 
Today he asked me to take photos of him playing soccer, he said I had too many good ones of his sister and he wanted some of him. This photo makes me laugh until it hurts and it emphasizes just what a great kid he really is, how he never takes anything to serious or lets thing bother him for more than a few minutes, he's so easy going and plays to the beat of his own drum especially out on the soccer field. We watch as he daydreams, he dances making moves like Jagger as we like to put it. I love watching him play and frustrating his coach, he is there to have fun whether he ever makes a goal or not and that puts a smile on my face not just on soccer Saturdays but everyday.

Inspired by Family Magazine

Day 1


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