Meet Pepperoni

Doesn't that sound like an odd post title for a family of vegetarian? or even worse if we named our dog after a a salty stick of processed meat. But sometimes names just pick themselves and she is after all a weenie dog or maybe a tweenie or chiweenie or just a runt, whatever she's called after only two short months of being dog owners, we are in love. So the other day when out neighbor was walking her average sized dachshund we quickly ran to get Pepper and compare, it's like a before and after weight loss photo for Jenny Craig, we laughed and made more jokes. 

We'll stick with our pint sized pizza eating weenie dog, hence the name.

* Neighbors dog on the left 13 pounds @ 3 yrs, Our dog Pepperoni on the right 5 pounds 7 ounces @ almost 2 yrs.


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