Food Fridays: Jello Eggs

I haven't eaten Jello in 15 years so when this idea popped into my head the other day it gave me a reason to buy Jello in every color of the rainbow.

The first obstacle was to figure out how to fill up the plastic eggs.

I started by digging through the 300 plastic Easter eggs we had sitting in the closet. Most of our newer eggs already had holes on both ends for candy ventilation, I needed to come up with at least 12 good solid eggs. Then using a 1/4 inch titanium drill bit (must be titanium to drill easily through the plastic) I drilled one hole in the bottom of each plastic egg.

This must be done slowly or the egg will crack and I mean ridiculously slow.

The Good Eggs

  Bad Eggs: drilled way too fast

Once the holes were drilled the eggs had to be washed and checked for any loose plastic around the drilled holes. After they dried I put the eggs back together hole side up in an egg carton.

The Jello was made according to the gigglers recipe which is:
2 packets of 8oz Jello to 2  1/2 cups boiling water
let dissolve 3 minutes 
then cool 3 more minutes or until its cool enough to handle when placed in the ziploc bag

Now it starts to get messy.

Using a plastic ziploc bag with a very small snip off of one corner fill it up with the Jello mixture and zip the bag closed.
Over a bowl pour the Jello liquid into the hole of each egg.

** if you have a syringe it works well to fill up the eggs too and with less mess.

I made sure to mark cartons with labels so I knew which color/flavor  was in each egg.

Place the filled eggs in carton on wax paper in the fridge for 3 hours, remember to make sure to have the wax paper or some paper towel underneath, a few of my eggs ended up leaking.

Once the eggs are fully chilled take out of the fridge and run each egg under hot tap water to release it from the plastic egg. 

Be prepared they come out really easy and wiggle and giggle everywhere.

Jello Eggs are really fun to eat and just in time for our annual Easter Egg Hunt Party!


  1. cute idea! thanks for sharing- wondered how you filled the eggs lol-next time try using a syringe,get a nice big one(can get at the chemist) and just make sure fits in egg hole. then can suck up and then push out into egg- kind of like giving babies medicine-syringes are very useful things to have!!

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