DIY: Fabric Signs

We got these awesome old school lockers a few weeks ago to hold supplies in our school/craft room (featured here) and since they're metal I have basically used my weight in magnets adorning them. I'm a label maker, literally everything in our house is labeled, every cabinet , shelf and drawer thanks to my organization idol Martha! So this project started after picking up a $1 pack of 4 magnetic clips from Target and using some of the fabric scraps from my camera bag insert tutorial and cardboard cereal box from the awesome marshmallow rice krispie eggs from Easter, it's turned out to be a really easy project and I just love how they turned out.

What you'll need:

a ruler
scrap material
stamping kit
regular scissors
pinking scissors(zip zag)
sewing machine

First measure out how big you want your overall sign to be and cut the first piece of cardboard to that measurement. Now cut your material a 1/2 inch wider on all sides with the straight scissors. Then stitch the cardboard and material together, it's easier if the cardboard side faces up when stitching.

Next you will need to measure how big you would like the inside area of the sign where you'll be stamping, I made mine so there was a 1 inch fabric border around it. Cut the cardboard to size, now place that in the center of the fabric covered cardboard piece and stitch both pieces together. Then trim the fabric edges with the pinking scissors.

Finally use letter stamps to create your custom fabric sign (I used the Martha Stewarts acrylic stamping kit).

This project has many different uses, it would be great in a table setting or party!


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  1. Kate,
    Yay, so glad you joined the Mommy Moments Photo Challenge! Good Luck! Cute craft by the way.
    A couple of reminders:
    -Remember the image that is on the linky is the one were judging for the challenge.
    - Write the Day on the linky.
    - Make sure you have followed both host: &
    - Still have 17 days to get your 12 days of photos!!!


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