Breakfast of Champions

 Donut Don't judge us for we are weak when it comes to holidays fun, a taste treat wins out over our strict organic-vegetarian diet, we will not decline free food, for life is never 100% anything except love.

Turns out the kiddos didn't even know that donuts come in any other flavor than glaze, I guess I failed to mention my stint at Tim Hortons or the dumpster diving at Dunkin Donuts while on Dead tour (we never really had to climb into a dumpster they'd leave the unsold uneaten donuts and muffins by the backdoor for us long haired hippies). 

So what's a few on Easter going to hurt anyways especially after I got them up at 5:15am for sunrise service the second year in a row.

I wish my food allergies could go away for a day just so I could eat a sour cream glazed donut one more time.... maybe I'll search the web for a home recipe, if you know of a good one let me know.

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