DIY: Tie Dyed Eggs

This was a really fun and easy way to dye eggs. 

What you'll need:

100% silk ties
white cotton material
twist ties
heavy pot

We started by going to the local thrift store and picked up some 100% silk ties for 50 cents each.
Picked up a dozen large eggs. I already had twine, vinegar and scraps of white cotton material laying around so the total cost of this project was $5.

First we cut open the backs of the ties and removed the inside lining, then we cut a piece of tie big enough to wrap around the egg and fastened it with twine. Then wrapped white cotton material around that and secured with a twist tie. The eggs are uncooked at this point so be careful not to over tighten or crack them.
We then places them in a pan of water (just enough to cover the eggs) and add 1/4 cup vinegar  binging that to a boil for 20 minutes. 

Let cool and unwrapped the eggs.

This was the really fun part! It worked perfectly!
I did find the more contact the silk makes when you wrap it around the egg the more color that transfers onto the eggs. Any folds or air pockets will between the egg and the material will remain white in those spots.

The kids had a blast and I was extra excited over easy cleanup.


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