Shutter Happy

I definitely don't fit in as a true soccer mom, I'm not there to scream for every move my kids makes, I don't keep score or have my own chair on the side lines, I don't even know the name of his team. sports is just not my thing. So as I sat there half attentive watching the game I realized I like soccer, well at least photographing it. Out of all the sports it's the most fun to take photos, the lighting is great, the kids are constantly in action and it's got great props to work with, even without a camera I managed to take snapped a few good moments with the ipod touch and am lovin' them, so if anything I'm a shutter happy soccer mom at best. Go team!

From the soccer field to a kitchen full of hungry kids, If your anything like me and can burn rice three times in a row or accidental make pudding instead of fudge or your pancakes are flatter than crepes there's a this great article from Cooklight  with all the ins and outs of kitchen mistakes or well disasters in my case and how to avoid them.

 I'm really hopeful there won't be any more green egg salad sandwiches this Easter.


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