Pizza Waffles

Have you ever heard of a pizza waffle?
Sounds a bit crazy and a yummy at the same time.
I've been making belgium waffles and freezing them for the past couple weeks, it's really great to wake up and throw some frozen homemade waffles in the toaster for breakfast.
So while I was making lunch a few days again the waffle maker was still out on the counter, so I used 2 batches of pizza dough and split it into 10 mini dough balls, then rolled the dough to the size of the waffle iron,  put cheese, spices and sauce and another layer of the raw dough on top closed up the waffle maker and waited 4 minutes. Out popped our first pizza waffle.

I didn't so much like the burnt sauce that spilled out in the waffle maker so next time I omitted the sauce from the inside ingredients and just put cheese and spices, you could always add some olives or other pizza toppings.

You may need to use a butter knife to wiggle the waffle out if it sticks a bit from some cheese leaking out, I sprayed with olive oil bit it still stuck at times.

Made some sauce and poured it over the top like syrup, presto the pizza waffle was born!


2 batches of pizza dough (will be split in 10 mini balls)
any type of cheese (we use white cheddar)
spices(oregano and basil)
spray olive oil (to help the waffles not stick)
pizza sauce for pouring on top of the waffles

 How to:
  1. Roll out 10 mini pizza balls to the size of your waffle maker
  2. put one layer of dough on the waffle iron
  3. add topping (cheese, spices, etc.)
  4. add another layer of dough
  5. cook about 4-5 minutes
  6. put waffle on a plate and cover in sauce
Makes 5 belgium pizza waffles

Who says you can't have pizza for breakfast,Enjoy!


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